The rulesof GTRacer

Terms of Service.

By registering an account with or being a current user, you agree to the Rules of the game and the Terms of Service.
These Rules apply to all users, Elite members and Moderators alike. Failure to follow these rules will result in a ban of account.

Disclaimer accepts no responsibility for the actions of its members i.e. Self harm, Vandalism, Suicide, Homicide, Genocide, Drug abuse,
Changes in sexual orientation, Bestiality. will not be held responsible and does not encourage any of the above actions or any other form of anti social behaviour.
Although is highly addictive we encourage you to spend time with your family and loved ones, do not forget them.
Remember is just a game, if you hit someone with a car in real life, they may not just go to hospital. reserves the right to ban or edit a users account when the Rules and/or the Terms of Service is broken.
Elite Memberships are considered donations to the game to help pay for the cost of Servers, etc.
Being Elite does not give you additional rights and all rules apply the same as being non-elite. You can still be banned. reserves the right to monitor all communications in game when deemed necessary for the safety or benefit of the game and it's users. has no guarantee of access due to issues beyond our control like server, security and updating problems. reserves the right to deny any user access to the game with or without reason.


1. The Rules below can be changed at any time. A major change to these Rules will be announced but it is the responsibility of the player to be aware of
and comply to these Rules at all times. Failure to be in compliance with these Rules may result in the immediate deletion of your account.

2. You are only allowed to have one account per individual. You will be banned indefinitely for creating more than one account.
Players that use the same IP address, such as friends or relatives, must ask for permission first in the GTRacer Administration Thread on the forum before
creating a second account from that same IP address.
Proof maybe required by form of picture to establish your identity (at the discretion of the Administration of
The sharing of passwords with other users and playing their accounts is also not allowed and will result in a ban for all accounts involved.

3. It is not allowed to exploit any bugs in the game code or the structure of the game for the furtherment of your progress in the game
Bugs need to be reported on the forum. If it is found out that you use a bug to gain money or other rewards in the game without reporting it,
will result in a temporary or (depending on severity) permanent ban, also all gained results will be removed.

4. It is not allowed to hack or attempt to hack or otherwise interfere with the server(s) on which GTRacer is running.

5. It is not allowed to show discrimination of any kind against any user or staff of GTRacer, or engage in threatening behaviour outside
of what would be deemed acceptable game play. Any verbal abuse, intimidation and/or discrimination towards anyone in the game because of their age,
skin colour, gender, sexual preference, religion or other beliefs, is strictly forbidden.
The Admin or Mods will determine what constitutes Abuse and not the players.
GTRacer has a very friendly international community of players and we aim to keep it that way.

6. English is the only language spoken in-game. Other languages are allowed only in the club chat, club forums, or using messages.

7. Advertising your dealership, market place/auction house advertisement, shop, of any other type of business is only allowed in the advertising channel.
Advertising any other game or website is not allowed in any part of the chat.
If a complaint is made by players being spammed by private pm, a ban will be issued.

8. You must log in at least once every 21 days or your account will be considered inactive. You will start loosing Staff, Cars and your Business if you don't.
Staff will leave after 21 days for Non-Elite Members and after 60 days if your Elite.
If you don't log in for 150 days some of your cars may be sold to User Dealerships.

9. All Moderator and Administrator decisions are final. Moderators are not required to justify their actions to any user, except to the Administrator.

The founder of GTRacer is Dutch. But the game, GTRacer, is English. This means that only English is the accepted in-game language.
Other languages are only allowed if you also explain the same sentence in English.
Of course, your native language is allowed in the Club chat, Team chat during a circuit race, or using the Messages option.

For the first violation, a warning can be given by a Moderator or an Administrator.
When this happens, it has no use to discuss this warning as it has already been given. Official warnings are logged in the system.
For the second violation, depending on the severity of it, a second warning can be given.
Or, the Moderator or Administrator can decide to give a temporarily ban. Again the length of this ban depends on the severity.

When this user tries to evade the temp ban, by for example creating a clone account (see rule 2),
this immediately means that the temp ban will be converted to a permanent ban.