Featuresof GTRacer

GTRacer is an online text-based browser game. (Click here to know what is a PBBG?)

An Unique gaming experience barely describes this game! Joining GTRacer is an addicting experience!

But that's not the whole story ...

Here are the TOP 30 features of this Awesome game:

  • A real-time interactive racing experience
  • Drag race against other players or against the computer
  • Compete in circuit races -- Race against other players LIVE!
  • Get a Reward each time a New Level is reached (100 Levels)
  • Discuss your ideas or Request New Game Features on the Forum
  • Subscribe to and receive Automatic Twitter announcements (Get Race results, etc)
  • Got a Facebook Account? Go To GTRacer On Facebook to read News and Information about the game
  • A mobile version of the game. Play when you're on the go or anywhere in between!
  • Hire drivers, mechanics and showgirls and train them
  • Actively play to receive one or more of the 85+ achievements
  • Complete one or all of the 25+ missions
  • Compete in Championships and Drag Tournaments
  • Choose and buy from a selection of 4742 cars in the car dealerships
  • Tune your car properly with a vast selection of 6658 tuning parts, such as turbo's, fuel systems, tires, etc
  • Design and make your car look cool with 46555 body parts, such as front bumpers, side skirts, rims, spoilers
  • Tune and Race with street legal cars, Formula 1 cars, or Train a youth driver using a Go-Kart
  • Request your favorite cars to be added to the game!
  • Chat with other players
  • Join a Club then participate and help your club members win circuit races against other rival clubs!
  • Participate in Car Meetings
  • Need Game Money? Sell your items on the Market place
  • Built a one of a kind vehicle? Place it in the Auction House and create a bidding war
  • Start your own car dealership, tune shop, parts shop, or paint shop
  • Build your car collection and keep them perfect in your Garage
  • Buy, Repair, Restore, and Sell cars to earn a profit
  • Bought a car and don't like the engine? Swap in engines from other cars
  • A Large Variety of Unique Tuning Parts and Body Kits (Brands such as: HKS, VeilSide, Pakfeifer, And MORE!)
  • Low on game cash but need a part? Go to the Junk yard to find what you're looking for
  • Break records and keep track of who's on top with different types of statistics
  • Are you ready to PLAY? Why are you waiting around? JOIN GTRacer---->NOW!